I AM NOT A ROBOT – 3D-Sound installation

interactive  // Ambisonics 3D Audio // Auftraggeber: KlingKlangKlong GmbH // Regie: Johannes Helberger, Maurice Mersinger


I AM NOT A ROBOT is an interactive 3D-Sound installation that allows visitors to shape sound in a playful environment. Eventually performers take over the stage and perform the birth of a new entity. Visitors lose their active role and become witnesses.
This transformation means to represent the genesis of artificially intelligent systems trained by data of human behavior.

Signing as venue and commissioner for the premiere of IANAR was the brand new FUTURIUM in the heart of Berlins governmental district.
Its generous south wing allowed us to rig a 27 m diameter dome of speakers giving out a ambisonics sound field.
Every speaker was also equipped with a light wire, that was only activated when sound was played from that speaker, to enhance the impression of directive hearing.

This visual counterpart to the 3D sound system was created and built by our friends from schnellebuntebilder who used about 1km of LED-wire to build the tree-like structure illuminating the dome.

The 3D audio rendering was planned and overseen by Z-Achse, who also helped us design the interactive instruments for the visitors to play with. They mixed the performance onto the 3D ambisonics system. The performance is basically a composition that features all the interactive elements which visitors had been using before, plus some on top.

In seven chapters, it tells the story of a being that learns to think and feel.
We performed it with a mix of controllerism, live instruments and singing and Realtime 3D spatialization of produced material.

The installation was attended by an estimate of 2000 guests.


Unsere Leistung: 3D Audio Mischung, 3D Audio Planung in Kooperation mit Z-Achse